Friday, December 19, 2008

Lemme Explain...

So blogging... the next best thing, I suppose.
It's kinda fun. Better than writing in your diary, hiding it some place where you think it's safe then come to find that one of your siblings gained access to that secret spot, therfore black mailing you into doing their chores or else Mommy & Daddy would be updated on the "D" in Math.
I mean, not that I have any experience in that area *shrugs*.
So this is the wonderful world of blogging. Ahh, I remember having an account with Xanga (some other blog place), I only made a few entries and quit it altogether.
All due to the fact that I was a tweenager who didn't have that much interest in typing so much of my life into a small box that had limited the amount of characters being typed (BULLSHIZZAH BITCHES!).
This seems more interesting now that I have friends in this betch =]. Bahaha.
Although I do wonder if they'd even consider reading these, I know I've seen a few gouge my eyes out boring ones. Makes me wonder if this blog I'm putting together makes the viewer wanna slowly drive fat ass nails into their skulls. Hmm, oh well. No blood on the carpet is all I say, those staining bitches suck.
Ahh these nifty lil things (omg, that's half of my site directory ^_~).
So I guess I could break down the essentials of my day...ewwh
Didn't do much.
My ass sat home (not that I'm complaining -- I need this break)
I either played with little Toa (new neph), kicked some Dead Space ass, myspaced just a teency bit, or SL'd my life away.
Haha. I need a job, btw.
Applied to a few places--who choose to take their sweet ass time and not get back to me, not even to let me know if I wasn't eligible for the positions.
Oh haha, I just realized. I could rag on and on about shit and not care. Not that it was ever a problem in the first place, but blogging just makes it even better. Now a whole load of you can read this and either comment it, roll your eyes and call me an ignorant bitch, or go with the flow and nod your heads in agreement (thank you ^_~).
Ahh these nifty lil things (oh i did it again).
Holy shnikes I'm syked.

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